About Us
Basingstoke Carpet Cleaners .co.uk was set up due to public demand!

We run the removals firm www.BasingstokeMoves.com and discovered that people moving in and out of properties in the Basingstoke area wanted to have their carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned,  either ;

  1. in the property they were moving out of [primarily when it was rented and they wanted to avoid the risk of losing their deposit if the carpet was soiled], or
  2. in the property they were moving to as the carpets were in a poor state, or they simply wanted to freshen the house up

Customers were often doing the job themselves but regretting it because :-

  • their hoover was not up to the task
  • getting down on hands and knees and scrubbing took too long and gave poor results
  • of the hassle of hiring a deep cleaning machine and the time it takes to do
  • problems in using a deep cleaning machine properly
  • they were also overlooking getting it done due to the stress of moving house. 

There was an obvious gap in the market whereby we could combine cleaning the carpets at the same time as we moved the client. Hence the business being set up.

Since then we have also expanded the business to cleaning carpets for customers who we are not actually moving but simply want a reliable and professional carpet cleaning service.

We often also clean customers windows for them at the same time through our business www.basingstokewindowcleaners.co.uk.